1. Where are the locations of the properties? How can I take a look at the room?
All our properties are very close to USC. We have properties on the west side and north side of the campus.
We have open houses for students by appointment only. (Please call us at 323-766-7689 to make an appointment.)

2. What are the differences between a Single Room and a Studio?
Single rooms only include a private bedroom, whereas Studios include a private room, private kitchen, and private bath. 

3. Is furniture provided?
Yes we do provide complimentary furniture! The standard furniture we loan to students includes beds, chairs, desks, closets, refrigerators, microwaves, and etc. 
4. Is there a laundry room?
Yes, there is! Each building includes a laundry room in the public area, equipped with a washing machine and dryer. The washing machine accepts quarters only and might malfunction and jam if other coins are inserted. The dryer is complementary. 
5. Internet, cable, and telephone?
Internet, cable, and telephone are available. However, students will need to activate or order the service from a provider.

Services are provided by the following companies:

AT & T Telephone & Internet
English   1-800-288-2020
Chinese  1-888-333-2828
Time Warner Cable Inc. Cable & Internet

6. How do I apply for a room/apartment?

Step 1: Download and fill out the application. Send us your application with the copy of your student ID and DL (Or passport for international student) through email or fax. 

Step 2: We will verify your info with your previous landlord or current landlord.

Step 3: Sign the lease contract. For more details or questions, please call us at 323-766-7689.
7. How long is the lease?
We only allow one year. However, there are exceptions. Please call 323-766-7689 to get more details.
8. What about utilities? Does the rent include utilities?
The utilities cost vary based on usage, which include water, gas, and power. Utilities are not included in the rent. 

9.What kind of payments are acceptable?
We accept cash, checks, wiring money, and credit card (5% extra service fee).

10. What is the parking situation?
We provide secure gated parking with a fee of $65/month for each parking spot. Street parking is also available.
11. Are pets allowed?
No. We have a very strict policy of no pets. Some tenants are allergic to certain types of animals and cause a safety issue. They also can carry diseases.
12. Is smoking permitted?
For the safety of our tenants, we prohibit smoking on all properties. 
13.Can two students share 1 room?
Our policy is one student per room. However, there are exceptions. Please call 323-766-7689 to get more details.
14.How do I turn on or off the utilities?
You will need to call the utility company or visit their website to turn on/off services.
Service is provided from the following companies:

DWP (Department of Water & Power) Turn on/off service 1-818-342-5397
1-800-DIAL-DWP   (1-800-342-5397)
Southern California Gas Company(Gas) Turn on/off service English   1-800-427-2200
Cantonese  1-800-427-1420 
Mandarin  1-800-427-1429